Centre of Faith

Keysborough Turkish Islamic and Cultural Centre Inc. (KTICC) is a non-profit organisation established in 1977. It has been providing a variety of services to the significant Turkish and Muslim community since its institution.

At present there are multifarious existing facilities at 396 Greens Road, for which council approval has also been granted: a multi-purpose hall, two car parks, residence, overflow car park, classrooms, soccer grounds and a full time school, Mt Hira College, which is accessed from 185 Perry Rd.

The Centre is situated in a Municipality where large ethnic groups of diverse cultural and religious faiths reside. The objective of the organisation is to develop a multi-purpose centre, which not only accommodates the Turkish community, but the wider community as well. It aims to provide more efficient and useful services with a primary obligation to the interests of its members.

The Centre currently offers many services which include: information sessions by select distinguished speakers for schools and groups of the community; night/evening and weekend classes that often concern cultural and global awareness; community activities throughout the week; teaching Qu’ranic scripture and other languages; meetings of elderly groups; meetings of women’s groups; guidance and tuition for the local youth population, training and playing of junior and senior soccer; and, arguably of most importance, is the full-time education for primary and secondary students.

The Centre is acclaimed for the two religious festivals for which it is responsible each year. Bringing not only the Greater Dandenong Muslim community together, but Muslim communities from all over Melbourne, the festivals have flourished for nearly a decade and attract increasingly large crowds. The organisation puts in a lot of time and effort into arranging them because of the positive social statement the festivals symbolise. Typically, they are often attended by many prominent figures in the community and have become an icon for the local community.

Enquiries and tours of the Centre are most welcome.

Contact Details:

Keysborough (Head office)
396 Greens Road
Keysborough, Victoria
Australia, 3173
Telephone: (03) 9709 0100
Fax: (03) 9709 0133