Religious Education

Religious Education is considered an integral component for students at Mt Hira College. The College provides Religious Education to students from Foundation to Year 10 where the focus is on values, etiquette, morality and productivity. The aim is to develop well rounded citizens who are proud of their identity. Values such as responsibility, respect, honesty, fairness, excellence, cleanliness, benevolence, love and tolerance are advocated to our students.

With the Religious Education lessons, Qur’anic Education is aimed to raise students who love the Qur’an, understand the messages delivered by Allah (God), read the verses with the correct pronunciation and memorise relevant Surahs (Chapters) that will help the students in their daily lives.

Students from Year 6 – 12 have the opportunity to offer their Zuhr (Noon) Prayer on a daily basis at KTICC (Keysborough Turkish Islamic and Cultural Centre) Mosque which is located a short distance away. This enables students to learn about the value of prayers while also learning about manners and etiquettes, required at a Mosque. Junior School students from Year 3 – 5 perform wudu and Zuhr Prayer in the College Gymnasium.

Students who would like to excel in their Qur’an reading have the opportunity to attend before school ‘Morning Qur’an Classes’ which are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.