Youth Workers

The primary role of the Youth Worker is to:

  • Advocate and be a role model for teenagers and children and provide them with support and guidance to enhance their current situation and improve their future outlook.
  • Build strong relationships with students and successfully support and positively influence them utilising a range of people management skills.
  • Be a strong leader, have a sensitivity to individual and cultural differences, and be very flexible, patient, and understanding.
  • Work both independently and as part of a team.
  • All Youth Workers have a minimum of a Certificate IV in Youth Work.
  • Our Youth Workers also run the following programs –


SPARC is an eight-week social and emotional student small group program that focuses on five key areas. The program encourages students to dream big, set goals, work in teams, and equips them with basic fundamental skills to navigate life’s various challenges. 


JUMP is a strengths-based program in the form of a workbook, for a young person to work through with a facilitator or wellbeing worker. This program aims to develop skills, build resilience and a positive sense of identity, and is comprised of 5 key topics.