Wellbeing & Special Projects Coordinator

The primary role of the Wellbeing & Special Projects Coordinator is to:

  • Oversee and work collaoratively with the school counsellors in relation to student wellbeing and well-being initiatives.
  • Oversee, initiate and schedule special student wellbeing programs throughout the year (e.g. anti-bullying workshops/posters/sessions, body image workshops, cyber safety workshops, youth mental health awareness & skill building workshops, anti-racism education, Aboriginal education, respectful relationships education, etc.).
  • Oversee, initiate, plan and provide input on College excursions/incursions/lunch-time & after-school social clubs and extra-curricular activities for Years F-12 (to ensure a whole-school and consistent approach) (note – approvals are still required from the Vice Principal, Administration and the College Principal).
  • Oversee and manage all staff wellbeing programs and events with the assistance of the Staff Social Committee and staff volunteers.
  • Ensure implementation of the relevant College Duty of Care policies.
  • Participate in and co-chair termly meetings with all members of the Student Services Department.
  • Provide a written report once per month to the College Principal on the activities above, as applicable.

The Wellbeing & Special Projects Coordinator is a member of the College’s Leadership Team and reports to the College Principal.