Our History

Over 20 years ago a handful of visionaries purchased a large lot to be used for a social purpose. While most other ‘fresh off the boat’ migrants thought they would be back at home after a few years of work, these people dared to think of the ‘what if…?’ scenario. What if we stay in Australia permanently? What if it is more than just a factory job and we end up loving it as much as our mother land? What if we become ‘Australian-Turks’? What will happen to my way of life? My culture? My traditions? My language? My religion? My history? What will happen to my children? My grandchildren? Many of these resolute men and women have now passed away… but some things are genetic. We too believe in fighting for a positive social cause and aim to address some of their concerns. The district needs this College and this is the essence of our calling as Mt Hira.

Mt Hira College began in 2000 with an office, three classrooms, a few staff members and a handful of twenty students aged between five and eleven years old in years Prep to Grade Five. Since then the College has grown to a school of more than 600 students and staff. It is a clear demonstration of the strength and conviction of the local community that Mt. Hira College has undertaken limited marketing with respect to enrolments. Most of the students currently enrolled are there only as a result of ‘word of mouth’, and as you would expect the majority of students are from the local area. Mt Hira College was originally identified as a Turkish school. However, an interest from other ethnic and Muslim groups for places at the College has increased during the last few years.

We believe and hope that as the school grows and develops this identification will become more diffused. At Mt Hira College we see ourselves as part of, and aim to provide for, the community at large and not just select limited factions within society.